Redraw of this old thing:

Dance, I'm a kitty cat by PB1593

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supersparks02 asked: Hi! I really love your picture of the hoenn trio that you drew (oh my gosh it's so adorable) and I was wondering if I could use it as a banner on the mobile app?

of course

pleased you like it as well C’:

eglang asked: Just dropping by to say how insanely, stupidly gigglingly happy the HTTYD nerds in dragon costumes made me. Thanks for making nice arts.

i’m so glad you like them 

thank you <33333333


Anonymous asked: hey just wondering if you would possibly put all the chibi httyd kids in one picture on s6? i'd love to have a print with all 6 of them in it...! anyway keep up the super work!

of course 

sorry for the lat reply, i’ll post it up asap so look forward to it

Anonymous asked: Hi ^~^ how much do you charge for a commission?

all info on commissions can be found here:


Will gradually post them onto my Society6 store soon 

gelattofrolick asked: gOSH no need to follow me back honey ;AAAAA; this main blog of mine is kinda just random stuff and i'm kind of oMGGNHFSGH she's following me DDDD8 my artblog is robdoodlestuff if you'd like to give a look >v> i don't new stuff for some time and the last ones are kinda ridiculous. but hey u cool >v>

puurpel asked: your art is absolutely marvelous! the colors you use and the soft strokes and the proportions for people... it's just so great! keep it up!

thanks a lot <33333

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got some new pens and sketchbook to ruin