Popping out for a happy (late) 413


Going through hiatus 

see you in a jiffy

bubblejetpokemon asked: Your art is absolutely amazing ♥♥♥ love it so much

thanks a lot ;w;

Request 5

jehsuhs asked: omg your Roselia/Roserade drawing for pokeddexy is perfect! gorgeous art style

thanks so much C:

confusedplebeian asked: Are you still doing requests or am I too late? :c

yeah, requests are pretty much closed now, sorry D:


me? an artist? no. im not an artist. im a drawer. [slides open]

(via kiwiggle)

espvrrs-deactivated20140306 asked: [Friend Code]: Maya; 4484 - 9499 - 4438 [Safari Type]: Normal w/ Ditto, Loudred, and Lillipup

I know im late but do you think you could add me too? My FC is 3411-1541-1370

request 3/4

how the fuck do you draw rabbits though

zadjatheifrit asked: Sorry if my ask came afterbyou closed requests, was taking time to enjoy your badass tumblr of colorful art and dynamic poses! So yeah, coming up artist (still need a tablet) but hope you indeed give. As well as a shounen hero desire to improve.

yeah doodle requests are closed so i can’t accept anymore but yeah man, just fucking draw when you can and keep practicing until you become the very best that no-one ever was and shit


Anonymous asked: How do you feel right now?


Anonymous asked: What time is it?

well its 10:16 in the UK