got some new pens and sketchbook to ruin

Anonymous asked: I really wanna do a commission from you but I'm dumb and idk how to change my $$$ into £££ ya feel me

if you have a paypal there should be an option where you can change the curency

Commission for the lovely Sparxpunx

mewbitch asked: First id like to say i adore your art and second i was wondering what is the canvas size you draw your prints? I'm planning on doing prints soon and i want to make sure i get the canvas size just right so i dont mess up!

aww thanks <33

hmm i guess for like most of the prints from my Society6 store for example, a medium sized print would be about 17” x 20” for portraits

it’d probably vary depending on what you’re drawing, sorry if this advice isn’t helpful D:


cishex asked: Do you have any other artists that you can recommend to me to follow? It's hard to find ones that I really like so far :p


Oh my goodness, well I follow a lot of artists so here’s a good list!

dinadee64, may-sparrow, riansygh, katyfarina, enenkaydoodles, kurisquare, juparte, mediarama, zamii070, kinomatika, kyleehenke, kiwifie, reedicule, drew-green, mindofgemini, glambucket, mynameismad, tangmelon, sharkmomo, catboyfriends, verticalart, fluffyfudgenut, thegreatbootydetective, sumrlybadusername, mayakern, rileyav, thewafflefactoryofficial, theclassychassiessketchbook, barleytea, moosekleenex, areu, qeti, rogmont, giantwaste, banavalope, xamag-oz, kaymurph, gigidigi, and kingcheddart

Hope that helps you out bud! (I’m posting this to see if anybody else has any good recommendations :D ) 


when really great artists follow u and u don’t want to mess things up


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going back to my DA account after almost a year and everything is too awkward


winpyon asked: Hi! Reminder that the new tag for Pokemon art by op is #pkmnart (so more people can see it), in case you'd like to tag yours! :)

ah thats good, i’ve been planning to do some pokearts

thanks for the news



people commenting in tags on your art


people leaving excited comments in tags on your art


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I updated my commissions page! There are way more examples there, I just wanted to highlight the different types you can ask for :’>

real quick just for you:

Things I Will Draw - »>references and detailed descriptions highly recommended!«<

  •  OCs
  •  Anthro ( Furry??? I’m more familiar with animal features tacked onto the human body but I will try my best! )
  •  Fan Art ( just know that I might not be familiar with some fandoms; if you’ve seen me reblog it, i’ll draw it )

Things I am Uncomfortable and/or Probably Not Skilled Enough at Drawing Yet

  •  porn
  •  complicated background scenery
  •  advanced mecha / weaponry
  •  muscled super buff bara characters
  •  realistic gore ( cartoonish horror, decapitation and such - *OK* )

Please check out the actual page for more details!

You can send any questions you might have to my ask or email me at

Thank you!!!

stupid cute dorks

whats this i hear about pokeshaming???