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Redraw of this old thing:

Dance, I'm a kitty cat by PB1593

some palette shit

they were fun

Popping out for a happy (late) 413

aaah i’m still in love with grimdark rose

wow I’m like a fashion designer

haha no…


I call it the 3 AM Shuffle

wow that sounds like a name for a shitty dance


really late request pic for paperjammies  

due to getting bombarded by work 

so I’m gonna have to close requests for a longggggggg while

i’ll do update art later because this needed to be done

woot woot

if tumblr was working at the time I was drawing this, it would have taken forevvvvvvverrrrrrrrr

sweet babies


here’s a pic of davejade looking cool in those dapper suits

lovvvvvvvvve them black suits, honestly

hope you like it, though i’ll probs won’t even know b/c you’re anonnn!! ;A;